Biocodex develops, manufactures and distributes premium pharmaceutical products and healthcare solutions for patients in more than 120 countries. Their product portfolio encompasses three main areas, namely the human microbiome, orphan drugs and women’s health. They have a substantial R&D center that together with their scientific partnerships, knowledge in the industry and constant investment allows them to stay at the forefront of innovation in order to guarantee the best quality of their products.  In France, Biocodex is a well-recognized pharmaceutical laboratory which distributes over 30 drugs and solutions that aim to improve patient health in major therapeutic areas.

Our product portfolio for Biocodex includes:

  • Saforelle
  • Mucogyne
  • Gestarelle G


Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for the body, with a central role in metabolism, bone health and immune function. In recent years food supplements have rapidly increased in popularity to address nutrient deficiencies when the daily requirements are not being met.

Nordaid is an innovative Estonian company that is changing the game with how we traditionally think of food supplements. Many of their products are developed in oral spray form, such as Iron and Vitamin D spray, allowing for the nutrient to be better absorbed as well as easier to incorporate into the daily regime.

Our Nordaid product portfolio includes:

  • Vitamin D/D4000 spray (adults)
  • Vitamin D/D400 spray (children)
  • Iron Spray
  • Sleep-Aid Melatonin Spray
  • Liposomal Vitamin C


Nutri-Biotech is a Maltese company that specializes in the research of innovative, natural ingredients to develop supplements that cater for everyday issues.

NBS produce Calcify from Padina Pavonica harvested from Maltese waters, among other supplements derived from natural sources.