A dedicated pet owner takes great care to ensure that their pet receives the very best nutrition to keep them healthy and fit.

Brit is a family-run Czech pet food company that prides themselves on their dedication to producing top notch products of the highest quality. They have several ranges of pet food that include gluten free, grain free and fresh varieties, therefore catering for many different diets. Brit also developed a range of prescription diets to cater for dogs or cats with short or long-term health issues.

Fisherman’s Daughter

Fisherman’s Daughter has a range of food products including salmon and potato dog food, fish treats and oil supplements, all containing an important ingredient – Padina pavonica. This superstar ingredient can combat arthritis and increase bone density in dogs, while the salmon component contributes to healthy skin, heart, eyes and joints.

Fisherman’s Daughter believes all pets deserve top-notch nutrition, choosing only the best for our furry friends with super premium recipes crafted with expertise. This gives pets the high quality, wholesome nutrition they need with Fisherman’s Daughter. Say goodbye to fast food, and hello to happier, healthier pets.


Carnilove has been formulated with respect to the natural canine diet. The Carnilove brand uses a wide array of wild-origin meats such as elk, wild boar, pheasant, and salmon, to name a few. These protein sources have a composition made to match that of natural prey whilst ensuring a complete amino acid profile suitable to support cats’ and dogs’ daily lives.  Carnilove formulations are grain- and potato-free but include several herbs and fruits as natural sources of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Carnilove food is ideal for pet owners who wish to feed their cat or dog a diet which closely resembles that of their wild ancestors, which ensures they are provided with all their nutritional needs in a very tasty and varied package.