Innothera/Laboratoires Innotech International

With a network spanning more than 100 countries around the world, Laboratoire INNOTECH International specialises in the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices which cater for everyday pathologies such as mineral deficiencies, venous insufficiency and gynaecological disorders.

INNOTHERA, the overarching company, began developing an export department in 1974 and then converted it into a subsidiary in 1980. Since then, Laboratoire INNOTECH International has sought to gather health associates on a global scale, all under a single business unit. They focus all their efforts and expertise on achieving one objective: to constantly enhance the performance of the INNOTECH® products they deliver in order to improve quality of life for patients.

Our product portfolio for Innothera includes:

  • Tot’hema
  • Ideos
  • Polygynax