Cosmetic products have come to play a central role in our day to day lives. They serve to not only give us a boost in our appearance but can also be used to remedy certain problems, such as dermatological issues. In recent years there has been an increased interest in women’s health and the importance of self-care on a regular basis. We currently work with several companies that take pride in their products and truly wish to better the health, beauty, and confidence of women in today’s stressful world.

Sea Magik

Sea Magik is a skin care company with a large product portfolio that aims to treat all types of skin.

The products are composed of hand-selected, organic, mineral-rich ingredients combined with concentrated mineral water that together formulate a gentle yet effective skincare treatment. The company is also eco-conscious and uses sustainably sourced, carbon neutral materials for their product packaging.


Saforelle is a female hygiene brand, produced by Laboratoires IPRAD and now taken over by Biocodex, with a specific focus on products that care for women’s intimate areas.

The cleansers are both gentle yet efficient due to their central component, the burdock plant extract, that is known for having both softening and soothing properties. Saforelle’s cleansers are well-tolerated and effective at cleaning women’s intimate areas as well as the whole body.