Canina is a German company that specializes in pet health by providing a variety of products including but not limited to shampoos, ear cleaners and eye drops. The products are gentle in nature and can cater well for different breeds of both dogs and cats. Pets should both feel and look their best. Just as people enjoy clean hair, mouths and ears, so should our beloved furry friends.


Dechra is a veterinary pharmaceutical company that provides a variety of medicinal shampoos in addition to ear/mouth cleaners, thereby ensuring both healthy gums and ears for your pet. Their shampoos are well suited to remedy several common skin conditions that are often prevalent in dogs and cats.

Scruffy chops

Scruffy chops is a natural shampoo brand that specializes in cruelty-free and natural hair care for your furry friend. Animal care and hygiene requires products that cater for the health of animals but should also be non-aggravating and effective.