Canina Pharma

Vitamins and minerals are an important part of the human diet and likewise they are very beneficial for our pets. Their presence in an animal’s diet ensures that they will enjoy a shiny and silky coat, strong bones and teeth, improved joint care and a strong immune system, among others. It must be noted that vitamin supplementation should never be used to remedy a poor diet, but only to further improve a pet’s health.

Canina is a German supplement company that caters for a large variety of animals including dogs, cats and horses. The company prides themselves on using top quality materials for their products being specifically derived from natural sources and free from any preservatives.


Canvit is a Czech company that develops products catered for the most prevalent problems in dogs and cats such as digestion, mobility, weight gain, dental disease and even stress management.

Their products are high in quality with a pleasant taste making them ideal for even the fussiest pets.