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Skin is one of the most tell-tale signs of age, displaying one’s worries and experiences in the form of wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation. Beneath the skin are fat and collagen, important components that naturally tend to reduce with age and lend towards the development of wrinkles. One way of tackling wrinkles or sagging skin would be via a surgical facelift – a costly, invasive process that also poses several health risks. Two better and innovative alternatives, both for the pocket and our appearance, is the use of dermal fillers or facial threads – both of which are minimally invasive procedures with little to no recovery time.

Dermal fillers are inserted into facial areas with fine lines or wrinkles including the area surrounding the eyes, mouth, jaw line and cheeks. In addition, dermal fillers could also be used to enhance the natural fullness of the lips, a characteristic of youthful appearance. Scarring due to past injury or acne may also be corrected using dermal fillers. Serolf currently provides two types of dermal fillers, each having different components to provide the client with the best option to ensure their satisfaction.

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Developed in Switzerland, MaiLi’s patented hyaluronic acid fillers have been meticulously designed to help reverse the signs of ageing.

What’s more, MaiLi HA fillers help you retain natural expression and movement, enabling you to feel confident that you look like the best version of you.

Perfectha fillers utilize Hyaluronic acid, a compound produced within the human body itself, as a means of correcting facial sagging.

In addition, the lighter nature of Perfectha fillers allows for the enhancement of facial contour lines, thereby producing an almost immediate response with a longer-lasting youthful look.

Ellanse fillers provide a more holistic approach to facial aesthetics compared to surgical facelifts.

These fillers serve to stimulate collagen production within the body, giving volume to the face and a more natural appearance with longer lasting results. Ellanse fillers allow one to restore beauty upon which time has left its mark.

Silhouette Soft is a non-surgical procedure that can restore facial contours with less recovery time and faster results.

Its main acting ingredient is poly-lactic acid, a compound that can be broken down and removed from the body with time to produce subtle but natural looking results.

Lanluma is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulant.

It can be used to activate natural collagen in two ways: either to increase fullness and add volume in both face and body; or to create a more youthful appearance by helping the body naturally correct medium to deep facial lines.