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Professional product used by over 1500 Spas and Salons Worldwide. Dead Sea Spa Magik have two refreshing Algimud Active Seaweed peel-off masks for face and body.

An inspiring blend of ‘body brightening’ seaweed algae and elemental Dead Sea Mud to invigorateand beautify whilst tightening, firming and cooling the skin. The remarkably rare blend of energizing ingredients will totally polish and replenish your complexion.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Peel-Off Body Mask 3 x 100g

A celeb favouite, used by Victoria Beckaham… this easy-to-use peel-off formulation leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. The mask can be applied to specific problem areas to help improve circulation, tone and firm the skin. Cools and refreshes the body.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Mask 25g

Used by top model Caprice, this unique formulation of pure Dead Sea Mud and natural seaweed (Alginates) creates a new, easy-to-use peel-off mud mask, which dramatically improves the skin’s texture leaving it soft, refreshed and youthful-looking.

Properties of the Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Dead Sea Mineral Mud is unique because of its origin and its composition and is one of the world’s richest sources of minerals. These minerals have remarkable therapeutic effects, which deeply purify the skin, restore radiance to the epidermis and provide minerals required for the skin cells’ metabolism.

Properties of the Alginates

The Alginates are extracted from specific seaweed (Laminaria Digitata), which is harvested along the North Atlantic coastline. When mixed with water the Alginates permit the gelification process to start. After a few minutes the texture of the gel changes and the mask sets. It can then just be peeled off.

High Performance Technology as used in Spas and Salons

In order to guarantee the perfect homogeneity of the mask we have utilised a high-performance technology based on mechanical fluidisation to create this unique and exciting new development in skincare. This professional Algimud product is used in specialist treatments in over 1500 Spas and Salons Worldwide.

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