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Rescue Remedy is world famous for quickly restoring inner calm, control and focus helping you manage your daily stresses and get on with your life. The distinct 'little yellow bottle' is the only combination remedy formulated by Dr Edward Bach over 70 years ago, and  is relied upon by millions when things get too much; it really is becoming a handbag, desk drawer, luggage and glove box essential...

Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of five BachTM Original Flower Remedies all working on  emotional  imbalances associated with daily stressful situations:

Rock Rose Rock Rose - for terror and panic
Impatiens Impatiens - for irritation and impatience
Clematis Clematis - for inattentiveness and to counteract faintness
Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem - for shock
Cherry Plum Cherry Plum - for irrational thoughts and lack of self control

The Rescue Remedy range of products:

Rescue Remedy dropper & spray Rescue Cream

Rescue Remedy is available in convenient and really easy to use formats - all safe for the whole family.


The traditional dropper comes in 10ml and 20ml bottles and is the perfect format to keep at home in your first-aid cabinet. It can be given to animals and/or children in water.

simply add four drops to a glass of water and sip at intervals, or drop directly onto the tongue from the dropper. Always read the label.

Available in both 20ml and 7ml sizes, the spray is convenient, portable and discrete to use for everyday stress anytime, anywhere.

two sprays directly on the tongue will help relax you when you need a little extra support.

As a well-known indicator of how the body feels inside, our skin is often the first place to show the effects of a demanding busy life. This can lead to dry, rough, uneven, dull-looking skin.

Rescue Cream
is an intensive moisturiser designed to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive or rough skin and restore it to its natural condition. With regular use it helps protect the skin against environmental influences and other external stress factors. It is lanolin free, paraben free and perfume free.

apply a generous amount of Rescue Cream to the desired area. Re-apply as required.

Rescue Pastilles Rescue Night - NEW

The latest addition to the popular Rescue Remedy range. Famous for providing inner calm in our stressful modern day lifestyles, Rescue Pastilles contain the same combination of flower essences used for Rescue Remedy, but in a new soothing pastille.

Naturally flavoured with elderflower and orange, they are alcohol- and sugar-free and safe for all the family, including children. Plus, the handbag-friendly click-shut tin makes them the perfect travel companion.

Whilst Rescue Remedy or Spray are still the market leaders for natural relief in everyday stressful situations, taking time out to chew a Rescue Pastille, as well as the soothing action of chewing itself, all helps to make a calmer, more relaxed you.

chew one Rescue Pastilles as and when required.

Rescue® Night is a combination of the 5 Bach Original Flower Essences contained in Rescue Remedy plus the Bach Original Flower Essence of White Chestnut which has been used to help switch off the mind from unwanted repetitive thought. These flower essences combine to help you enjoy a natural nights sleep. Rescue Night is available in two convenient and really easy to use formats.

The traditional dropper bottle comes in a 10ml size and is the perfect format to keep at home on your bed side table. It is alcohol free and is suitable for the whole family.
Directions: simply add four drops to a glass of water and sip at intervals, or four drop directly onto the tongue from the dropper. 

Available in a 20ml size, the spray is convenient, portable and discrete to use anywhere when away from home. It is alcohol free and is suitable for the whole family.
Directions: two sprays directly on the tongue.


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