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Arnicare natural first aid for bruises

All the Nelsons Arnicare arnica products have been carefully prepared from the alpine plant ‎Arnica Montana, proven to be an effective bruise treatment with natural anti-‎inflammatory properties.  Used by millions worldwide, arnica has been recognised for ‎its invaluable natural healing properties since the 16th century.

The arnica used in Nelsons Arnicare arnica products is grown in the north of Scotland. "The pure air and water in the Scottish Highlands, along with clean organic cultivations, ensure that the arnica plants used in the Nelsons Arnicare arnica products are at their very best when harvested"

Duncan Ross, Arnica Grower.

The arnicare range of products

Arnicare™ arnica cream:
This traditional product has been used by millions world wide to help speed up the healing process of bruises. Unscented, with a salve-like texture, it is an essential, natural first aid product safe for the whole family- suitable for even delicate skins.
Arnicare™ arnica cooling gel:
Providing a modern twist on a traditional product, Arnicare arnica cooling gel combines arnicas natural healing properties with refreshing grapefruit and menthol to cool and soothe the skin. Also ideal to ease aching muscles after physical exertion and revive tired, heavy legs after being on your feet all day.
Arnicare™ arnica soothing spray:
Lightly scented, Arnicare arnica soothing spray provides all the benefits of arnica in a convenient pump action spray. Use for quick and easy application to large or hard to reach areas of skin, following a bump or knock and to ease aching muscles after exercise.

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