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Dechra Veterinary Products EU (DVP-EU) is a business unit of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC. Located in Shrewsbury, England and in Uldum, Denmark it employs 212 people. DVP-EU markets and sells pharmaceutical products, veterinary-exclusive pet diets, pet care products and instruments and consumables within 10 European countries and manages the relationship with our worldwide marketing partners.

The VetXX and Arnolds Veterinary Products brands and products are now incorporated into the Dechra Veterinary Products companion animal portfolio. Dechra's strong product portfolio includes market leading products in dermatology, endocrinology, equine medicine, ophthalmology and critical care as well as a unique range of essential products including post patent veterinary licensed products, a pet care range and a portfolio of instruments and consumables. The recent addition of the veterinary-exclusive SPECIFIC® diet range for dogs and cats further strengthens the company's offering to the European veterinary market.

Through continued investment in the development of new products Dechra plans to enhance its product offering to veterinarians across Europe. With the acquisition of the VetXX business Dechra has become a leading veterinary supplier in dermatological treatments.

  • Canaural is now registered in 25 countries and it is the leading first line treatment for otitis externa in the dog and cat in the UK. It is complemented by our leading ear cleaning product CleanAural.
  • Fuciderm is licensed for the treatment of surface pyoderma in the dog such as acute moist dermatitis and intertrigo. Fuciderm is sold in 23 countries worldwide.
  • Malaseb is the only licensed medicated shampoo for cats and dogs in the UK.

The Dechra range of products:

CleanAural (Dog)

A specially formulated solution for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris from dog's ears

Category: Ear Cleanser
Animal Type: Canine

CleanAural (Cat)

A specially formulated solution for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris from cat's ears

Category: Ear Cleanser
Animal Type: Feline
Active Ingredient: n/a
Disorder: n/a


Food supplement with Malt extract
for Cats

Stimulant of the digestive activity on cats.
It avoids hair balls, vomits and regurgitations.


- Easy to use and apply on the hair.
- Its pleasant taste helps the ingestionn in all kind of
. animals.
- The combination of malta extract and paraffin liquid,
.. improves the intestinal transit allowing to eliminate
.. the hair balls.
- The creamy consistence makes easier its
.. application and the animal ingestion.
- Well accepted by all kind of animals.
- CatMalt has a good tolerance allowing a repeated
.. use.


Genital cleaner for Dogs

For external cleaning of prepuce.

Hygiene in vulvovaginitis cases in bitches.

Cleaning of anal glands.

- With cleaning and disinfectants agents.
- Delicate action on the skin and the mucous
. membranes.
- It eliminates and prevents the prepuce secretions.
- Its moisturizing and non irritating properties allow the
. application on skin and mucous membranes.
- For previous use of antibiotic treatment; it cleans the
. affected area and doesn't inactive the antibiotic action.
- It contains a small syringe and useless nozzles for a
. faster and easier application.

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